Happy Labor Day!

labor day

Labor Day, observed mostly in the USA and Canada, takes place annually on the first Monday in September. It is one of only ten public holidays in the USA and is a day off for public employees, government agencies and most other employees. Labor Day is associated with the “Knights of Labor,” an American labor organization, founded in 1869. The working class is honored on Labor Day.

Apart from the political background of that day, it is also regarded as the festive end of summer in the USA, which is the reason why they also observe the Last Day of Summer on the same date. Traditional Labor Day Sales most often include party items, packed picnic baskets, games and anything you need to spend a great day outside associated with summer and holiday. Families use that day off to go on a little holiday. Usually, Labor Day is spent with parades and picnics. At the same time, the college football season starts. Traditionally Labor is the last day of the year to wear white clothes.  (from www.cute-calendar.com)