Best Friend Day


Best Friend Day is always celebrated on June 8th.  If you’re lucky, you have a best friend or maybe more than one at the same time or over time. Friends come and go for a variety of reasons, usually the result of moving, changing schools or jobs or …..

Enjoy and appreciate your best friend(s). It’s the day to cherish that relationship.


National Cancer Survivors Day

pink cancer ribbon-stkfreeimages

National Cancer Survivors Day is proclaimed an annual celebration of life and though it is called a national day and mainly is celebrated in the United States, today it is observed all over the globe. It is celebrated every first Sunday in June. On National Cancer Survivors Day, all those who survived cancer, as well as family members, friends, and also medical professionals come together to be thankful and celebrate together. The day also aims to be an inspiration for all those recently diagnosed, as it is possible to live an enjoyable life after a cancer diagnosis. National Cancer Survivors Day was first observed on June 5, 1988. (from Cute Calendar )