World Whale Day

World Whale Day reminds us of the challenges faced in our oceans across the globe. Observed annually on the third Sunday in February (tomorrow), World Whale Day celebrates these noble sea mammals.

Some of the most fascinating creatures live in our big blue oceans. Whether the mammoth blue whale or the enchanting narwhal, whales create mystery wherever they go. For centuries they’ve been hunted for their meat and oil, but today they face pollution and loss of habitat. World Whale Day raises awareness of the growing need to protect these diverse and majestic mammals.

While whales belong to the cetaceans order, there are two suborders – baleen and toothed. Bristles replace the teeth on baleen whales. Made of keratin, the bristles act as a filter collecting krill and other small invertebrates from the sea.

Eating the smallest food in the ocean doesn’t make the smallest whales. The blue whale (a baleen whale) grows to 98 feet in length and is the largest whale on Earth. However, the smallest whale, the toothed dwarf sperm whale grows to between 6 feet 7 inches and 8 feet 10 inches.  


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