Twofer: First Winter Olympics and the Emmy Awards


Winter Olympics

On this day tomorrow in 1924, the first Winter Olympics began in Chamonix, France. Originally called “International Winter Sports Week,” it was held in association with the 1924 Summer Olympics. The Games were organized by the French Olympic Committee, and were in retrospect designated by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as Olympic Winter Games I.

The tradition of holding the Winter Olympics in the same year as the Summer Olympics would continue until 1992, after which the current practice of holding a Winter Olympics in the second year after each Summer Olympics began.



Emmy Awards

On this day tomorrow in 1949, the first Emmy Awards were given out. An Emmy recognizes excellence in the television industry and corresponds to the Academy Award (for film), the Tony Award (for theater) and the Grammy Award (for music).

Because Emmy Awards are given in various sectors of the American television industry, they are presented in different annual ceremonies held throughout the year. The two events that receive the most media coverage are the Primetime Emmys and the Daytime Emmys. Other notable Emmy Award ceremonies are those honoring national sports programming, national news and documentary shows, national business and financial reporting, and technological and engineering achievements in television.

The Emmy statuette was designed by television engineer Louis McManus, who used his wife as the model. The name comes from “Immy,” a term commonly used for the image-orthicon tube used in the early cameras. “Immy” was later feminized to match the female statue.

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