Happy Sunglasses Day!


Sun Glasses Day is celebrated today, a day to protect your eyes from the glaring sun, particularly that of the sun’s reflection on water, and to celebrate the practical invention. They can function as a visual aid and feature lenses that are colored, polarized or darkened.

Healthcare professionals recommend eye protection whenever the sun comes out to protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation (UV) and blue light, which can cause several serious eye problems.

(With material from: Wikipedia and www.cute-calendar.com)

Despite the health advantages, there’s also the complication of polarized lenses reducing the visibility of images produced by liquid crystal displays, such as those found on ATM machines and gas station pumps and, depending upon the type of screen technology used, perhaps your cell phone as well.


The first sunglasses were invented in 12th Century China, a crude slab of smoked quartz made to block the sun. Vision-correcting eyeglasses were darkened and introduced in Italy about 1430.  James Ayscough experimented with blue/green tinted lenses in spectacles in the 18th Century, although they were not for sun protection but to improve vision.

Modern-type sunglasses appeared in the 20th Century and are largely attributed to Sam Foster, founder of Foster Grant eyewear, who put them into mass production. He sold the first pair of Foster Grant sunglasses on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ in 1929 and within a year sunglasses were all the rage, especially in Hollywood where stars wore them to shade their eyes from the bright studio lights.

The Army Air Corps commissioned the optical firm of Bausch & Lomb to create protective eyeglasses for pilots who suffered from high altitude glare. Polaroid filters were invented by Edwin H. Land, founder of Polaroid Corporation, in 1936 and glasses to protect against harmful UV rays were made for the first time. In 1936 with World War II on the horizon, Ran Ban designed anti-glare aviator glasses using new polarized lens technology created by Edwin Land, and a year later the public had access to the popular sunglasses.

Sunglasses again gained popularity in the 1960s from a clever advertising campaign by Foster grant. By the 1970s, well-known fashion designers and Hollywood stars swelled  the brand-name lines. (from material on Wikipedia and cute-calendar.com and me)


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