Polar Bear Day


Polar Bear Day celebrates the world’s largest bear and land carnivore. The polar bear is native largely within the Arctic Circle encompassing the Arctic Ocean, its surrounding seas and surrounding land masses.

The polar bear is classified as a vulnerable species, with eight of the nineteen polar bear subpopulations in decline. For decades, large-scale hunting raised international concern for the future of the species, but populations rebounded after controls and quotas began to take effect.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, the polar bear is important as an indicator of arctic ecosystem health. Polar bears are studied to gain understanding of what is happening throughout the Arctic, because at-risk polar bears are often a sign of something wrong with the arctic marine ecosystem. (from www.cute-calendar.com)


To give you an idea of the size of a polar bear, the young girls in this photo don’t even stand as high as the polar bear’s hind leg. And he’s not standing upright to gauge overall height!

It’s also little known that a polar bear’s hair is not white!  It looks white because the air spaces in each hair scatter light of all colors. The color white becomes visible to our eyes when an object reflects back all of the visible wavelengths of light, rather than absorbing some of the wavelengths. Still not sure I understand!

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