Tootsie Roll rolls into stores….


The Tootsie Roll rolled into stores in the U.S. on February 23rd in 1896.

In 1896 Leo Hirshfield, an Austrian immigrant, began work at a small candy shop located in NY City. Hirshfield decided he wanted a chocolate-tasting candy that would not melt in the heat, and that would be an economical artificial alternative to traditional chocolates. He named the candy after the nickname of his daughter, Clara “Tootsie.” By this point, the company had expanded to a five-story factory. In 1917 the name of the company was changed to The Sweets Company of America.


In 1931 the Tootsie Pop — a hard-candy lollipop with Tootsie Roll filling — was invented, and quickly became popular with Dust Bowl refugees during the Depression era because of its low price. During World War II, Tootsie Rolls became a standard part of American soldiers field rations due to the hardiness of the candy under a variety of environmental conditions

In 2002, 60 million Tootsie Rolls and twenty million Tootsie Pops were produced every day. (from Wikipedia and

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